Ideas built...


Acumen Visual Group was commissioned to provide the services comprising the fabrication, and installation of wayfinding signage for the Royal Ontario Museum.

The considerations towards material assemblies was based not only on the union and aesthetic expression of polished tempered glass, stainless steel, braille, vinyl and painted MDF, it also took into consideration the historical significance of various architectural styles and material expressions.  From the 1914 original design by Architects Darling and Pearson, 1933, Chapman & Oxley, 1984 Moffat & Kinoshita, to the new angular Studio Daniel Libeskind – Michael Lee Chin Crystal, each era had it’s own unique material imprint, brick, stone, slate, drywall, glass which presented there own challenges in fabrication and installation.

Acumen Visual Group understood that foresight and pre planning towards the complexities of translating graphics to physical construct applied early in the development stage of this signage program would allow Acumen Visual Group to anticipate and circumvent potential problems that would be encountered on site. Maneuverability in close quarters of glass panels with weight upwards of twenty five pounds, site access due to security, coordination of installation during public hours, and coexistence with other trade workers and fabricators throughout the construction stage were all critical considerations towards the successful completion of this project, and a testament to our partnership approach.

Client: ROM
Designer: G+A


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