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Trees For Toronto

Trees for Toronto is a collaborative project between Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation and the ROM to renew the urban forest in Queen’s Park.

The initiative's goal was to plant trees and create interpretive panels and signs identifying the 47 varieties of trees in the park.

The new interpretive signs were designed by the ROM and fabricated and installed by Acumen Visual Group. The signs are located in two clusters within the park. One details the natural and cultural history of Queen’s Park while the other focuses on Toronto’s urban forest and the identification of trees throughout the seasons. Over 90 trees, representing all 47 species in the park, now have identification plaques which enable people to identify the trees and their leaves throughout the year.


“Trees for Toronto has rejuvenated interest in and stewardship of the grand old trees in Queen’s Park.” remarked Deborah Metsger, assistant curator of Botany in the ROM’s Department of Natural History.

For this project, Acumen Visual Group constructed the signs using aluminum and panels with Folia digital print that would complement the tree-filled park, but at the same time stand out enough to draw visitors towards the signs and involve them in the Trees for Toronto experience.

Acumen is proud to have been chosen by the ROM and the other Trees for Toronto project members in order to help promote awareness and stewardship of Toronto’s parks and trees, as well as be able to engage the community in learning more about the nature that surrounds them in their urban habitat.

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